Charting the course of N24

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Keeping a sleep log or a sleep chart is one of the keys to getting a proper diagnosis of a circadian sleep disorder.  Oftentimes someone will describe their sleep patterns, but it’s not always clear from the description when exactly they sleep.  For example, someone will say they “keep going to bed later and later.”   Depending on what they mean, that could either describe Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake Cycle Disorder (N24) or a gradually worsening case of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS).    But a quick look at a sleep chart will usually clear up the distinction.

My eponymous co-blogger Delayed2Sleep, who has, of course, DSPS, has posted several of her sleep logs.   Today I am going to post some of my sleep charts.  My name is LivingwithN24 and I have, you guessed it, N24.

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Chronotherapy: Balancing Benefit and Risk

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Treatments for circadian sleep disorders fall into three general categories. The first combines phototherapy and scototherapy, that is treatment with light and dark.  The second is pharmacotherapy, usually using melatonin or one of its drug analogs. The third treatment is what I will discuss today and is known as chronotherapy.

None of these forms of treatment is universally successful — or there would be little need for this blog.   Chronotherapy was the first treatment found to  be successful for some cases of DSPS and thus was a major advance in treatment [1].  The researchers who discovered it should be commended.  But many valuable medical treatments also carry inherent risks.  In particular anyone planning chronotherapy needs to know that it poses a risk of converting DSPS into the even more severe disorder known as non-24 hour sleep wake cycle disorder (N24).

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Melatonin: Less is (Sometimes) More

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Melatonin is often suggested as a remedy for those of us who have N24 or DSPS.  It works for some people, but not for others.  (So far I seem to be in the latter category.)  For some people it doesn’t work because — well because it doesn’t work for them — we can’t always tell why.  But for other people it does not work because they are using the wrong dose.  Melatonin dosing can be a bit tricky.

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A Man with Too Long a Day

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The Physiological Society is an venerable British scientific society dating from the time of Darwin.   Articles in their journal, Proceedings of the Physiological Society, normally have rather obscure titles like “Synaptic connexions of serotonin-containing neurons in Planorbis Corneus.”  But in 1970 a paper from three scientists at  the University of Manchester appeared with a title that reads more like that of a science fiction story: “A Man with Too Long a Day”.   The man who was the subject of the paper claimed that he was unable to live on a 24-hour day.  Instead his sleep wake cycle followed a 26-hour pattern.  While humans in isolation experiments sometimes followed non-24 hour schedules, this was the first report of someone who followed such a pattern in normal life, and, more importantly to him, he was unable to live on 24 hours however hard he tried.  The scientists were able to confirm the reality of his complaint by a clever experiment.

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How this blog works

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I am blogging here as someone who has N24,  Non-24 hour sleep wake cycle disorder.  Because N24 is often closely related to Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, I am also a co-blogger at the Delayed2Sleep blog.  I blog there as LivingwithN24.   My co-blogger over there, who has DSPS (or DSPD if you prefer) and who founded the Delayed2Sleep blog is called, appropriately, delayed2sleep.

In order to have some place that links to all the N24 articles I plan on posting the opening paragraphs of each of my blog posts here.   However the main body of the posts will be found in the links to the delayed2sleep blog.  That way we will keep up a critical mass of discussion at the delayed2sleep blog.


For those with N24

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I am someone with non-24-hour sleep wake cycle disorder aka N24.  Currently I am co-blogging with a friend who has DSPS at the site   My name is “LivingwithN24” and my friend is “Delayed2Sleep”.

For info and discussion of N24 or DSPS please check out that blog.  Thanks.